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ITL Medical And Occupational Health Centre

International Textile has set up state-of-the art medical and healthcare centre for its employees to provide 24/7 healthcare services for medical and first aid cases treatment.

This is located in the center of the unit and enables operating staff to access it with ease, regardless of their plant. In the case of any serious safety incident, it provides a ‘critical holding and stabilization space’ for first-aid administration, until the ambulance gets to the company’s premises. This significantly contributes to the company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives.

The centre was inaugurated by Mr. Muhammad Yunus, General Manager Factories and Mr. Akhtar Javed, General Manager Terry Textile Division, on June 29, 2013. The ceremony was attended by our senior and middle management staff and some of our valued business partners i.e. SGS, Aman Foundation and Barlas consultants.

In collaboration with Aman Foundation, the company intends to provide 24/7 tele-consultation services to all of its employees through the healthcentre. Aman foundation will also provide awareness sessions on communicable and noncommunicable diseases which will be helpful in protect health in preventing health and safety hazards at work and also promote healthy life style/ work culture.