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Sexual Harassment Policy


To ensure that the company’s working environment is free of sexual harassment of all types.


This procedure covers the activities of all staff engaged at any position in the company.


1       This policy refers to the environment of the company where another employee or supervisor on the basis of cast, color, creed, and sex harasses no employee. Violation of this policy will not be permitted. Any employee or supervisor who violates this policy will be subjected to strong disciplinary action, which can include dismissal. Any employee who feels that he or she is a victim of harassment of any nature should immediately report the matter to the department head and it will be thoroughly investigated to ascertain the reported facts

2       Employees who file complaint or provide evidence which they know to be false or without a reasonable belief in truth, the company reserves the right to take disciplinary action in these cases. This can include dismissal from service.

3       This policy will be communicated to all workers and third party services.

4       A system has been developed to report any instances of harassment or abuse.

5       The management representative investigates, suggests necessary corrective and preventive actions, and resolves such matters on a priority.

6       The employee has the right to appeal towards disciplinary action against him/ her.

7       A committee is in place which includes of appropriately two senior management staff to settle the harassment related issues. A woman member will be a part of this three person group.

     The committee will review the matter, if any, and submit the report to the COO.