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Ethical Code of Conduct

It is important to highlight the overarching principles of the company’s ethical code of conduct. These are summarized on the following and constitute the very foundation of our organization. This also includes the Conflict of Interest and sexual harassment policies which are a part of this publication.


Our ethical compass always points to fair practices and consistently doing the right thing. We are committed to creating a strong ethical culture at international Textile. Putting customers first is the core principle of being an ethical textile company. Profit without principle is short lived. Our code of conduct sets out the fundamental standards to be followed by staff in their everyday actions on behalf of our company.  In addition, it seeks to promote honest and ethical conduct. Our employees are committed to

q  Conducting business with honesty, integrity, and in a professional manner.

q  Building relationships with customers, fellow employees and other stakeholders that are based on trust.

q  Treating individuals with respect and dignity.


q  Becoming familiar and complying with legal requirements, company policies, and procedures.

q  Avoiding any activity that could involve or lead to involvement in any unlawful practices.

q  Avoiding actual or potential conflicts (Col) of interest with the company or the appearance thereof, in all transactions. Review the company’s CoI policy which clearly lays out the ground rules.

q  Providing accurate and reliable information in records submitted and to respect the confidential information of other organizations.

q  Where permitted by local laws, promptly report to the company any breach of laws or regulations, ethical principles or company policies that come to attention. Cooperate fully in any audit, enquiry, review or investigation by the company.

q  Facilitate external and internal auditors in their work and provide the required information in a timely manner.

q  Managers to ensure that all their employees receive guidance, training and communication on ethical behavior and legal compliance relevant to their duties for the company.


Understanding of these policies, systems, and processes is the key to our ability to guide our teams effectively. It is very important for us to equitably apply these policies in a uniform way across the landscape of the organization, without any discrimination whatsoever.  With your engagement and ownership, I am confident that we will deliver that and much more.


Let us continue making International Textile a great place to work and be an employer of choice.