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Corporate Policies

This section of the website provides policies that are primarily for the operating part of the company.


The most valuable asset in any successful company, including ours, is people. Human resource has to have a seat at every table of every strategic decision, whether it is growing market share, improving margins, building sustainable alliances with customers, succession planning, resourcing or building a learning organization.  In most intensely  competitive and high growth markets like textiles, human resources is referred to as the enabling business partner in our company, that is very much the case.


HR became part of the success of our company. They become part of opportunities to solve problems, spur innovation, retain, and grow talent. In the field, human resources is a part of everything that our business does today and in the future.


HR is also about linking leadership development to the company’s vision, mission, and strategic goals. It is about changing times – and the changing nature of leadership – demands solid commitment to the development of future leaders.

In today’s rapidly changing market conditions in the textile industry, effective leadership is a key component of organizational success. Corporate investment in leadership development in 2011, for example, was estimated at $75 billion globally. At the same time, a new paradigm was emerging, shifting from authoritative leadership and position power to collaborative leadership and knowledge power. Organizations are increasingly under pressure to show return on investment for learning and development. Therefore, from a strategic standpoint, HR is ideally placed to lead the way to foster talent for future leaders.

These policies clearly begin to move our company in that direction. It establishes the systems, processes, and methods in our organization. In reviewing it, you will notice a number of changes, which reflects the new ground realities. Each line manager is a human resource manager. Human resource sits in the line where business actually transacts every day, not limited to the corporate office or in senior management corridors.


Human resources must take on the role of a strategic business partner, enabling the business to build the right organizational capacity and capability, which delivers outstanding business and financial results. In doing so, it will evolve from transnational processing to a strategic partner.


This cannot be accomplished overnight. It will take time. However, our company is committed to deliver the best value to its customers, and be distinguished by the quality and caliber of the people that it resources, develops and retains.